Fulikai is a professional wholesale slippers supplier and flip flop manufacturer in China since 2008.

Disposable Slipper

Fulikai mainly produces disposable slippers made of EVA foam, which are widely used in pedicures, spas, hotels and other places, and are deeply loved by consumers.

Since it is a single-use product, it is more hygienic and safer than other products. On the disposable slippers, you can customize your LOGO, and we will use silk screen to present your LOGO. Moreover, you have different styles to choose from, and the color of the disposable flip flops can be customized according to the Pantone color card number.

Portable And Convenient: The foam disposable flip flops are light in weight and small in size, so they are easy to store and carry, so you can take them when you are traveling and taking a vacation.

Fulikai is one of the best disposable slippers suppliers in China, we can provide custom service and high quality of disposable flip flops, we are looking forwards to cooperating with you, welcome to contact Fulikai!

Introducing Convenient Disposable Slippers: Experience immediate foot comfort like never before. These handy slippers provide instant relief and relaxation for your tired feet, offering a convenient and disposable solution.
Wholesale Disposable Flip Flops offer convenience and affordability as an ideal solution for footwear needs. These disposable flip flops are designed to provide comfort and can be purchased in bulk, making them a cost-efficient option.
Our premium disposable hotel slippers provide unparalleled quality and comfort to ensure a delightful stay for every guest. Designed with utmost care, these slippers offer the perfect blend of luxury and convenience.
Indulge your feet with the ultimate comfort of these Foam Pedicure Flip Flops. Designed to provide a luxurious experience, they offer irresistible relaxation and support for your tired feet.
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