Fulikai is a professional wholesale slippers supplier and flip flop manufacturer in China since 2008.

Grass Slippers

Artificial grass slippers are very creative slippers. We stick a layer of soft artificial grass on the soles to make the shoes softer and more comfortable. The texture of the sole makes the grass flip flops have good anti-slip performance.

Putting on this pair of grass slippers is like stepping on soft grass, like walking on a spring lawn, and you will feel happy physically and mentally. Tree-huggers and anyone who really appreciates nature might enjoy this gift as well. 

Sizes and colors of sole of the grass flip flops can be customized as required, furthermore, your brand logo can be engraved at the bottom.

Grass-Grown Comfort: The Ultimate Slippers for Nature-Loving Feet
Grass-Grown Comfort: The Ultimate Slippers for Nature-Loving Feet" are the perfect blend of coziness and natural aesthetics. Crafted with soft, sustainably sourced materials, these slippers provide unparalleled comfort while allowing you to connect with the outdoors.
Comfort & Style Combined: Eva Grass Flip Flops for Ultimate Footwear Bliss
Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with Eva Grass Flip Flops. Immerse your feet in pure bliss as these flip flops effortlessly combine both comfort and style for the perfect footwear choice.
Natural Comfort: Grass Flip Flops
Introducing Natural Comfort: Grass Flip Flops, the perfect fusion of style and sustainability. Made from eco-friendly materials, these flip flops provide unparalleled comfort and a unique connection to nature with their natural grass sole.
Green Grass Flip Flops - Experience Walking on Real Grass!
Experience the refreshing sensation of walking barefoot on real grass with our Green Grass Flip Flops. These uniquely designed flip flops offer ultimate comfort and mimic the feeling of being in nature, making every step a delightful experience.
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Shenzhen Fulikai EVA products co., Ltd are the industry leader in the production of custom flip flops. Which was established in 2008 year  with 15 years history which is custom manufacturing personalized flip flops. 
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