Fulikai is a professional wholesale slippers supplier and flip flop manufacturer in China since 2008.


Shenzhen Fulikai EVA products co., Ltd is located in Guangdong, Which is with 15 years history which is custom manufacturing personalized flip flops. Main products is Grass slippers, EVA Slippers, Hollow Slippers, Promotional Board Slippers, PE Slippers, Rubber Slippers, Bottle Opener Flip Flops, Disposable Slipper, sublimation slippers. We accept customized products from customers, whether it is high-end boutique slippers, advertising promotional slippers, or disposable hotel slippers. 

These years, we have supplied Coca-Cola, Wal-Mart, Disney, Budweiser, Corona, 7-UP, B.duck, hello kitty, some high-end brands. At the same time, cooperate with some well-known international enterprises and famous brands. Our products are exported to South America, North America, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Russia and so on.

Rubber Flip Flops: Experience the ultimate blend of comfort and durability in these stylish footwear essentials. Crafted with high-quality rubber, they provide unmatched comfort for daily wear and prove to be long-lasting for any adventure.
Cozy Comfort: Promotional Board Slippers - Enjoy ultimate relaxation and unwind in style with these snug and stylish slippers. The perfect accessory for pure comfort and relaxation!
Introducing Convenient Disposable Slippers: Experience immediate foot comfort like never before. These handy slippers provide instant relief and relaxation for your tired feet, offering a convenient and disposable solution.
Shop our collection of promotional flip flops and save big! With stylish designs and unbeatable prices, you can enjoy both comfort and savings all summer long.
Shop our collection of promotional flip flops and save big! With stylish designs and unbeatable prices, you can enjoy both comfort and savings all summer long.
Experience the ultimate comfort and style this summer with Eva Flip Flops. Designed to elevate your comfort level, these flip flops are an essential addition to your summer wardrobe.
Experience ultimate comfort and style with our personalized flip flops, meticulously crafted by industry-leading manufacturers. Indulge in tailor-made footwear that perfectly fits your unique preferences while enjoying the ultimate relaxation for your feet.
Get your hands on high-quality flip flops at affordable wholesale prices. Trust us as your reliable supplier for all your flip flop needs.
Introducing the "Hollowed-Out Slippers", the epitome of comfort with enhanced breathability. With its innovative design, these slippers ensure ultimate comfort for your feet, allowing them to breathe freely throughout the day.
Introducing the EVA Men's Slippers, designed to elevate your comfort levels with utmost style. Experience a blissful relaxation for your tired feet with these cozy and luxurious slippers.
Indulge in unparalleled comfort with Eva Slippers, crafted directly by manufacturers. Elevate your relaxation experience with these high-quality slippers, designed to provide ultimate cushioning and support for your feet.
Experience unparalleled comfort with the lightweight and cushioned Comfort Walk Eva Foam Slippers. These slippers are designed to provide utmost relaxation, making every step a luxurious and cozy experience.
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