Fulikai is a professional wholesale slippers supplier and flip flop manufacturer in China since 2008.

Promotional Board Slippers

Promotional board slippers is a personalized custom-made slippers produced exclusively for promotional events or as gifts. Customers can customize according to their own promotional flip flops design concepts, such as customizing different colors, patterns, logos and other elements.

Moreover, we are good at making hollow patterns or logos at the bottom of the soles, so that when consumers wear our promotional board slippers and walk on the beach, your unique patterns and logos will be printed on the beach, with a very apparent advertising effect.

Tell us your requirements, we can recommend a suitable size for you and send a die cut for your design drawings. We aim to use the most affordable solution to make products that satisfy customers the most.

Ultimate Comfort: Promotional Flip Flops for Effortless Style and Relaxation
Experience the epitome of comfort and style with our promotional flip flops. Effortlessly unwind and enjoy ultimate relaxation, while showcasing a trendy and chic look.
Ultimate Comfort with Promotional Board Slippers
Experience the pinnacle of comfort with our promotional board slippers. Crafted with the finest materials, these slippers offer unparalleled luxury and support for ultimate relaxation.
Ultimate Comfort Promotional Board Slippers - Unmatched Support and Style for All-Day Relaxation
Board Flip flops is a kind of personalized slippers, as there is exquisite printing pattern or brands’ slogan on surface, it is used for promotional events widely in the world. Further more, we customize hollow logo at the bottom for meeting customers’ needs, this kind of special logo can imprint on beach when walking, it’s a kind of walking ADS for brands. This POP CAN shape is particularly created for beverage manufacturer and trading company to sell your beverage well and be more competitive in market, can give consumers’ as a gift, to enhance brand image among public.
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Shenzhen Fulikai EVA products co., Ltd are the industry leader in the production of custom flip flops. Which was established in 2008 year  with 15 years history which is custom manufacturing personalized flip flops. 
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