Fulikai is a professional wholesale slippers supplier and flip flop manufacturer in China since 2008.

The cooperation between Fulikai and NU SKIN Brand


Fulikai factory, a leading manufacturer of EVA flip-flops, was approached by NU SKIN, a global personal care brand, in 2013 to produce a large quantity of flip-flops for their brand.  The order included 100,000 pairs of flip-flops to be delivered within a period of three months.

The cooperation between Fulikai and NU SKIN Brand 1

NU SKIN provided Fulikai factory with their specific design requirements and quality standards.  Fulikai factory immediately began working on the project, starting with the procurement of raw materials, production planning, and assembly of production equipment.

Production began in January 2013, and Fulikai factory’s experienced team of workers quickly ramped up production.  The factory’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and efficient production processes allowed for the production of high-quality flip-flops at a rapid pace.

The cooperation between Fulikai and NU SKIN Brand 2

Throughout the production process, Fulikai factory maintained close communication with NU SKIN to ensure that all quality standards were met and that production remained on schedule.  The factory’s quality control team conducted regular inspections of the flip-flops to ensure that each pair met NU SKIN’s strict standards.

The cooperation between Fulikai and NU SKIN Brand 3
In March 2013, Fulikai factory successfully delivered the first 100,000 pairs of NU SKIN flip-flops to the brand’s headquarters.  NU SKIN was pleased with the quality and timely delivery, and Fulikai factory received additional orders for flip-flops in subsequent years.

The success of this project helped establish Fulikai factory as a reliable manufacturer for NU SKIN and positioned the factory as a leading player in the global EVA flip-flop industry.

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