Fulikai is a professional wholesale slippers supplier and flip flop manufacturer in China since 2008.

The cooperation between Fulikai and Coca-Cola


In the fast-paced world of business, establishing a unique brand identity is crucial to success.  Many companies strive to be recognized not just by their name but also by their logo. Fulikai, a leading supplier of custom logo products, understands the significance of brand promotion and aims to revolutionize it through their innovative project: Coca-Cola slippers.

The cooperation between Fulikai and Coca-Cola 1

Fulikai aimed to capitalize on the popularity and recognition of Coca-Cola to strengthen brand recall among consumers.  By designing custom logo slippers, they aimed to create a unique and memorable product that would resonate with Coca-Cola enthusiasts.  These slippers would serve as a tangible representation of the brand, allowing users to showcase their affinity for Coca-Cola.

The cooperation between Fulikai and Coca-Cola 2
Firstly, they focused on customization, allowing customers to personalize their slippers by choosing their preferred Coca-Cola logo design, colors, and sizes.  This approach not only catered to individual preferences but also increased the perceived value of the product.  Secondly, Fulikai prioritized the use of high-quality materials, ensuring that the slippers were durable, comfortable, and long-lasting to provide an exceptional user experience.

The cooperation between Fulikai and Coca-Cola 3

Elevate your comfort with EVA Flip Flops, the ultimate choice for those seeking personalized style and uncompromised comfort, just like customizing your own Coca-Cola slippers. Discover a new level of comfort and individuality with these uniquely designed footwear options.

The cooperation between Fulikai and Coca-Cola 4

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